College Aspirations? Try Software Development
Darrell Benvenuto talks about Software Development as a college major.

College Aspirations? Try Software Development

When you’re ready to further your education by choosing a college major, it’s essential to study a subject that will provide you with a great career. Software development is ideal for those who are passionate about technology and are creative. If you’re ready to begin college, the advantages of majoring in software development are numerous.

High Salaries

If you want to have financial stability and enter an industry that is on track to boom, software development offers high salaries and stability. There isn’t any marginal cost of selling an extra copy of the software you’ve created, and the demand is often high, which can reward you with a high income.

In Demand

Software development continues to be in demand and isn’t going anywhere due to many companies’ reliance on software to operate efficiently. Software companies are always looking for excellent software developers, meaning there’s a demand for professionals and plenty of opportunities. You’ll find that companies will compete to hire you, which can allow you to have more of an advantage.

Remain Creative

Many people underestimate how creative software development allows them to be, which allows professionals to create new functionality that never existed. There are also many different solutions to work towards, which will require creative thinking and will offer the chance to use your imagination. Creating new systems is a rewarding process and can allow you to remain mentally stimulated and challenged in your profession.

Continuous Learning

To remain competitive in the industry and stand out, you’ll need to learn continuously, which is an exciting way to expand your mind and skill level as you grow in the industry. Software developers are always learning new programming languages while adapting to environments that are continuously evolving. Learning about the business that you’re working in is also essential.


Although you may assume that you have to work alone as a software developer, there’s plenty of room for collaboration, which requires strong communication and technical skills. Working with other individuals to share your knowledge and also learn from them can make the job more interesting in team settings. You’ll be expected to collaborate with your colleagues in different departments to work towards goals and the project that you’re currently developing.

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