Software development and computer coding have exploded onto the tech scene in the last decade. Whether the thanks goes to the kids who were tweaking their Myspace page’s HTML, or if it’s simply due to the fact that the digital age has all but taken over everyone’s lives, the fact remains that coding is one of the fastest growing career paths a person can take.

In fact, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson said that the ability to know how to properly manipulate the web for one’s benefit is one of the most important traits somebody can know in today’s world. Certainly, software development and computer coding can be a great career choice or side passion, but many people deem it too difficult before they even try. So, to help those of you who are interested in pursuing coding, below are 4 myths about coding that must be deleted from our brain’s server

The Degree is Too Expensive

The truth is, you don’t have to graduate from a fancy, technologically savvy university with a coding degree to be a great software developer. Thanks to the digital age, you can take many basic coding courses online for free. Sites like Codecademy, Skillshare, and Udemy are all great platforms to start your future in software development. Classes range from HTML & CSS to Javascript, Python, and many more.

It’s Too Difficult Past a Certain Age

There are plenty of people who learn to code later in their life and even as a second career. While there is some truth behind the ease of learning things at a younger age, if you are interested in coding then you can certainly master it. Coding is like anything: it takes a lot of practice. But if you are diligent with your studies, then you can certainly learn to develop the inner developer in you, regardless of your age.

It’s too Time Consuming

There’s no way around it, coding can take awhile to master, but that doesn’t mean you should put off starting. If you started coding today, imagine how much better you will be in one year. It’s true that it will take time to master, but as long as you work to develop a working proficiency, you can land a web developer’s job in no time at all. Sure, you may not be coding algorithms for Elon Musk within the next two years, but you could land a great job as a computer coder at a local marketing agency or even pursue it on the side as a freelance gig. And with the average salary of a web developer hovering around $60,000, the bottom line doesn’t seem like too bad of a place to start.

Simply put, computer coding is one of the best careers somebody can pursue. If software development and coding is something you are passionate about, don’t allow yourself to fall into a trap of myths and reasons why you can’t do it. No degree? That just means you can pursue coding without the burden of student debt. Your age? An advantage. Don’t have a lot of time? It doesn’t take that long to develop a working knowledge. Now, go forth and code!